Actual Day Photographer


My name is Juha Sompinmäki. Dont worry about the crazy looking surname, just call me Yu-ha, very easy 🙂 I’m an actual day wedding photographer, based in Singapore serving my clients in the region and worldwide. Originally i’m from Finland, the country of Santa Claus, Angry Birds and Kimi Räikkönen, to name a few things you might recognize.

As the website title says, i’m providing beautiful actual day wedding photography. My background is in film studies and i think it can be seen in my style of photography. In Singapore it is known as photojournalistic style, my European clients talk about documentary style. I like to shoot a full story for my wedding clients, starting from the early morning till the late hours of reception and capturing everything in between. My goal is to catch all the small and big moments for you to remember in the coming years and decades.

I spend some time in my native Finland shooting weddings also, so please contact me as soon as possible and we can see if our schedules match. Most of my clients book me about a year in advance, so it is kind of “early bird catches the worm” kind of thing 🙂

When i’m not shooting or editing, i like to do a bit of running and growing exotic chili plants. I also enjoy listening audiobooks covering all kinds of random topics. I’m also active on Google+, you can check my profile by clicking the link here Google


actual day wedding photographer