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I wrote recently about the Riverview Hotel bridal open house event. The event was held the past weekend, but i’ve been busy with other stuff and havent been able to write anything about it earlier. The bridal open house is organized by the Riverview Hotel and they make sure that the couples are not bombarded by vendors who are direct competitors. It makes sense in many ways and creates a more relaxed atmosphere where one can actually have a good conversation without someone harassing all the time. I met quite a few couples who were interested in my actual day photography package. For Singaporeans my way of shooting weddings is different from the local photographers, and I got a lot of positive feedback. I also mentioned about the possibility for a European pre-wedding shoot, but of course most couples were planning their wedding for 2014 and if the date is not set yet, it is a bit difficult to think about pre-wedding shoots. First things first.

Weird wedding gown vendor

Unfortunately this time I wont be able to post any new pictures from the bridal gown show as I did in January. The staff from one bridal gown studio suddenly came to me and told that i’m not allowed to take any pictures. I confirmed quickly with the event organizers (Riverview Hotel) if i’m allowed to shoot and was given the green light. Immediately after I continued, I was told off by the same person from the bridal studio, so I decided to stop shooting for not to create a scene. Even the couples were banned from taking images. Needless to say, I was not the only one who found this behaviour really odd.

Auspicious dates

Since the last event at the Riverview, i’ve booked a number of actual day wedding shoots already and of course it is those auspicious dates that are taken first. Having your wedding day on an auspicious date is a big thing in Chinese tradition, so if your actual day is one of those, please contact me as soon as possible. I’m not too familiar with this concept of auspicious date, but I do know that there are some generic days that are good, but to get the full deal, one would need to make an appointment with a feng shui master who could tell you more. I’m not really sure what to think of all this geomancy and astrology stuff, but I do know that even young people are following the tradition, so it is important for me too, at least from the point of specific dates being more popular for wedding photography.

simple and beautiful bridal gown

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