Actual Day Photography

Actual day photography is something that i’ve been providing my clients since 2007. At the time when i started, there were not too many photographers who were specialised in this style of photography. I believe that photographing a wedding in documentary style is the best way to capture the story of the bride and groom. Often when you are going through the images in photography competitions, the winners in wedding category are the kind of very dramatic heavily processed images. While i understand an image has to stand out in a competition, the kind of photography i do, is not done for competitions. I tell a wedding day story to my clients, the images are very personal and intimate. They have a meaning first and foremost to my clients and their loved ones.

I think your style as a wedding photographer is something that cannot be easily changed. Maybe it is a bit similar as an accent in your speech, it will be refined and adjusted over the years, but if try to change it abruptly, it would sound fake. So thats that i’ve been doing ever since 2007.

Testimonials about actual day photography

Telling the stories of my wedding clients in beautiful and meaningful images is my passion and i have every intention to keep on doing that since the feedback has been excellent. Here’s just a few testimonials from my clients.

The images are really super! Great work, and i can see that you have done a good job captures all the important details. And best of all, we didn’t even notice you when you were shooting. We love the creative angles, depth in the images and colors. Some wedding guests also mentioned the attentive wedding photographer. – Hannele & Kalle

We expected beautiful images that capture the moments throughout the day. We also wanted images that convey the feelings and that we could leave the photography to a professional. Needless to say, our expectations were matched fully, thank you so much. – Sanni & Juuso

We hope a lot of couples would understand to invest on their memories by hiring a documentary style wedding photographer for their actual day. We couldn’t be more happy with our choice – Anne & Toni

Juha was the photographer for our wedding in the Summer of 2011 in Tampere, Finland. I initially found Juha online and quickly scheduled a consultation with him. It was great for us to be able to communicate with Juha through e-mail since we live in Texas and come to Finland only every six months or so. My husband and I liked Juha’s easy, laid-back attitude right from the start and we felt like we could trust Juha with documenting the most important day of our lives. Once the day started to draw closer, I asked Juha if he could do some “” boudoir-photos as a gift for my husband as well. I was really nervous about doing the photo shoot but Juha made me feel very comfortable and he was also willing to do it in a kind of unconventional setting, the woods. On the actual wedding day Juha stayed with us from morning until the end of the reception. We hardly noticed him all day but he still managed to take wonderful photos of every situation! The pictures look like us and our guests have been admiring them as well. Thank you Juha! – Eeva & Cory

If you think your wedding day and memories are worth to be captured in beautiful photographs, please contact me now.