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I’ve written before about the actual day wedding packages, but it never hurts to go over such an important topic once more. Maybe it is the pursuit of convenience, but i’ve understood that most Singaporeans prefer to purchase packages as opposed to ala carte when it comes to weddings. Packages are fine, but please make sure that are actually getting things that you want to have, as opposed to gimmicky freebies that are often thrown in to make the package look “bigger” somehow.

Full day wedding package

I would say 80-90% of my clients book the full actual day wedding package. It is so much easier for everyone because I dont charge an hourly rate, so the package covers the whole day. When it comes to chinese style weddings, the start is usually rather early in the morning. There are some cultural reasons for this, but it also takes time to prepare everything, specially if the makeup / hair is done for moms and bridesmaids as well. I arrive in the morning as well, around the time when the makeup-artist starts her work. Then the day progresses into the gatecrashing challenges which is fast action and fun to shoot. And also people dont have time to get into awkward poses when they are busy trying to beat the challenges.

Photojournalistic coverage

My style of actual day wedding photography is often described also as photojournalistic style. I dont ask the bride and groom to pose in awkward and cheesy manner, but I rather follow them and capture the real moments and feelings. The way I see it, when people are looking at their wedding photographs later on, they remember the moment. If that moment was about trying to pose in awkward manner (most people are not professional models) then that is the memory that comes up. The image might be good, at least technically, but the memory associated is not the one that I want to bring to my wedding clients.

I capture the moments for my clients and while seeing their images later on, the memory is about the action or feeling when I took the image. Even years or decades after people can go back to their wedding day and relive those beautiful moments.

If you prefer to have your wedding day photographed professionally, please contact me as soon as possible.

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  1. Photojournalistic coverage sounds interesting. Never heard there’s such a wedding photography coverage.

  2. Actual day wedding package pricing.thank q

    • Hi Edward. Please get in touch with me via the contact form as you did not leave your email address in the comment.

  3. Hi

    Kindly please quote a package for the actual wedding packaging –

    11 Oct 2014 tea ceremony – 6 hours
    12 Oct 2014 wedding banquet – 4 hours

    We look forward to your quotation


    • Hi Clara. Thanks for your quotation request. I’ve sent you an email, so please check your inbox.



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