Actual day wedding shoot all over Singapore

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A while ago I posted another story about wedding photography and towards the end it had an image of a lovely couple, and now finally I had the pleasure of shooting Astrid and Irwan’s wedding. As you might guess, this was a full day documentary shoot which started early in the morning.

sunrise on a wedding day

I’m usually very detailed when planning my wedding shoots, but for some reason I totally forgot that the MRT starts running only at 6am. I was supposed to be at Woodlands 7am and Google was telling me that it was not possible. Luckily technology is not always right, and I managed to reach the place exactly 7am, as there was not much of people during those hours. I touched almost every corner of Singapore on that day, because I started from Dhoby Ghaut, made my way to Woodlands, then Fullerton, Bukit Batok and finished back again at Fullerton.

After some preparation shots with the groom we left towards Fullerton hotel where the bride was getting her makeup and hair done. Astrid and Irwan had booked a very lovely bridal suite and I must say it was pretty luxurious. I would not mind staying there for a day or two 🙂 Fullerton hotel has been an icon of Singapore since 1928 and these days it is an amazing mix of old and new. Of course Singapore is full of luxurious hotels, but I would say Fullerton is on a league of it’s own. You really can’t beat the location and history behind this wonderful place.

The Fullerton Hotel

I was secretly hoping that Astrid would have a good makeup artist, because I knew she would look (even more) stunning in the hands of a professional. In my opinion it is not enough to do a good makeup, but it has to match the clients style as well. If the bride is not happy and comfortable with the makeup, it can ultimately be seen in the photographs. Luckily everything was top notch, her makeup, hair and dresses, they all matched perfectly for Astrid.

makeup artist finishing brides hair

The ceremony took place at a church in Bukit Batok. My clients are often worried if I am familiar with a particular ceremony, but I believe it is safe to say that I’ve seen more marriage ceremonies than most people. And of course we go through the whole ceremony in detail before the actual day. While most ceremonies are very structured, I’ve noticed that many pastors, priests, judges and other officiants have understood that they are in the business of customer service. It is important to try and make the ceremony at least a bit light-hearted, so that the couples would feel more relaxed. It could be a funny story that makes everyone laugh, or just guiding the couple throughout the ceremony and showing them what to do next. I am not saying marriage ceremony should be a circus show, but small things and a little bit of humour can do wonders.

Bukit Batok Presbyterian church

bride and groom holding hands

The following days I will be quite busy selecting images and editing. If you are planning your wedding now and have not booked a professional photographer yet, I recommend to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

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