Actual Wedding Day – Petra & Samu

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bride and bridesmaids having a toast

30th june wedding day decorations

Petra and Samu’s wedding day started at their friends home with breakfast followed by hair stylist. While it is quite common to have your hair and makeup done in a shop, this time it was more convenient to have the hair done at their home. It might be a good idea to ask the staff at the salon if they have such a service, it really makes the day a lot easier, specially when you have a lot of people that needs to have their hair and makeup done.

makeup artist at work

bride with her makeup completed

While some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen stayed at the house, Petra left to get her makeup done by a professional at her favourite salon in the the city. I really cant stress enough of using professionals on your wedding day. Everything from photography to catering and makeup should be handled by professionals. Otherwise you run the risk of having your stress level going through the roof when things dont go according to the plan.

first look photoshoot

first look photoshoot, bride and groom kissing

I had succeeded in convincing the bride and groom to have a “first look” photography session before the ceremony at the church. This required a bit of logistics planning since they were both dressing up at the same location. We decided that i’ll leave with the groom few minutes before the bride and then we can meet at the shooting location. The idea with first look photography is that the bride and groom see each other with everything ready for the ceremony. It is an intimate moment for both of them, and i try to stay a bit further away to capture their expressions and emotions.

bride walking the aisle with her father

an old church interior

Most of the Finnish couples still want to have their ceremony in church. While Finnish church interiors are rather simple in comparison to the churches for example in southern Europe, they still bring a certain ceremonial touch for the day. Even if you would frequently visiting church, the marriage ceremony is something that is not happening every day. When you are taking the central stage, it might be something that causes a bit of stress. Luckily most ceremonies take only about 20-30 minutes maximum and the party can begin afterwards.

the wedding couple having rice thrown on them for good luck

Rice throwing is an old tradition and it symbolizes having good luck for the wedding couple.


We stopped on a scenic location on our way the reception venue. The drive was about 30 minutes and as we were the first leaving the church, we had a few moments to take pictures before all the guests reached the venue.

funny wedding games, lifting the shoes

bride holding her shoe and groom's shoe

Usually after people have had their dinner and some drinks, it’s time for some fun games. Sometimes the games involve everyone and other times just the bride and groom. There might be some light-hearted challenges for the groom as well. A common game is called “The Robbers” where bride is stolen and groom has to fulfill the demands of the thieves.

funny wedding game, robbers stealing the fathers

wedding games, putting together an Ikea stool

Everything went very smoothly with Petra & Samu’s wedding and they ended the night with drinks, live music and a dancing. I would say this is a good recipe for a beautiful wedding in Finland. Finnish people tend to do a lot by themselves, but the trick is to know which tasks you should outsource and which ones you can do it yourself.

everyone dancing late at night


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