Alicia & Nhang – Blue Bali wedding

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Usually planning your wedding is a long process and from the moment you have decided to get married, it takes at least a year to have everything booked for your big day. I am sure a lot of planning went into Alicia and Nhang’s wedding day as well, but for some reason booking the photographer was left till the very last minute. I got email from Alicia in the beginning of October and their wedding was just a few weeks later. I’ve written a number of times on my blog and on Facebook that it is best to do the “big” bookings early on. If you book early, you will have better chances to get what you want, instead of making compromises. That being said, a good timeline when it comes to photography, would be about a year in advance.

Meeting at L’etoile

Once we had settled on the wedding coverage and the main points over email, we quickly set up a time for meeting face to face. I like to meet up in some cool cafe’s around Singapore and this time it was no exception. We met at the L’etoile cafe which is short walk away from Farrer park mrt. You would not expect to have a Japanese-French cafe right in the middle of Little India, but L’etoile is just that.

I think we spent a good couple of hours going over the details of the wedding day. Usually I would meet up two times with my clients, but since this was so last minute, it was better to discuss everything at one go. Anyway Alicia & Nhang had most of the wedding plans done long ago, so it was more about getting me up to speed than brainstorming ideas.

Wedding at Blue Bali

My style of wedding photography is documentary, which means that I will be covering the events without arranging or guiding people much to do. I want to capture the real emotions and events as they unfold in front on my camera. This time I was not shooting a full day, but we started with portraits on location at the Blue Bali.

green plants at Blue Bali

incense cones burning

Blue Bali wedding venue

batik table cloth

beautiful Blue Bali

bride talking with staff

bride setting up tables

tables ready for guests

closeup of bridal bouquet

bride setting up the tables

bride and groom sharing an intimate moment

bride and groom seen through heart shaped hole

bride and groom seen through heart shaped hole

beautiful portrait of bride and groom

bride laughing with groom

portrait of the couple

beautiful portrait of bride and groom

beautiful portrait of bride and groom

I had visited the venue a day earlier, and scouted some good locations for portraits. It is not a huge area but still can offer some interesting spots for some nice shots. The idea was that we would have an hour for the portraits before guests started coming in. Good thing I did some planning in advance since the wedding couple were quite a bit late but guests were not 🙂

Capturing the details

Once the guests started arriving, I immediately slipped into the documentary style photographer role. I try to make sure the guests are not intimidated by the camera / photography and that they are actually enjoying the party. While getting candid images of the guests, I capture also the small details that goes into a wedding.

father of bride signing the guestbook

wedding gifts for children

groom receiving a gift

bride putting a flower on her father

bride helping with flowers

groom relaxing before weddingThe groom was rather relaxed still at this point, just moments before the official marriage ceremony was about to begin.

beautiful bridal bouquet

string quartet playing

rabbit shaped pens

fly me to the moon

bride holding her bouquet

best wishes from wedding guests

bride hugging her father

beautiful ornamental ceiling

justice of peace

wedding guests witnessing the ceremony

marriage ceremony

bride showing the animal pens


bride and groom cutting balinese wedding cakeThe newlyweds are cutting a traditional Balinese wedding cake that consists of yellow sticky rice in a cone shape. Unfortunately I forgot the correct word for this. The rice is sticky to symbolize how the marriage would be lasting a long time, like two people stuck to each other 🙂


balinese yellow rice cake

wedding guests at a table

amazing balinese food

bride singing for the groom

string quartet outdoors

balinese foodI did not have much time to sample the wedding dinner, but everything that I tried was just heavenly. I like strong flavours and Balinese cooking certainly has the curry, chili and coconut in it.


Chanel wedding band

beautiful small candles

Chanel wedding ringThe bride’s wedding ring is from Chanel, but if you put it sideways like this, it reminds me of a small crab 🙂

funny animal shape pens

yummy looking balinese foodSome more of the Balinese delicacies featuring beef rendang, prawn kerupuk and tempeh.

young wedding guests

bride helping with flower decorations

happy wedding guests

table to table photography

wedding couple with father and brother

night portrait of the bride and groom

I totally loved Alicia & Nhang’s intimate wedding party at the Blue Bali. You dont always need a hotel and huge crowd to have a beautiful wedding. The trick is to make the small things customized to your personalities. Dont just do things because you are “supposed to”, and do everything your own style.

Actual Day Photography

If you are looking for a professional photographer for your actual wedding day, I urge you to get in touch with me as soon as possible. Currently I’m taking reservations for the season 2014, but there are still weekends open for 2013. You can contact me directly here.

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