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If you have been following my page on Facebook, you might have noticed that I’m back in Singapore. The past four months i’ve been shooting weddings in documentary style almost nonstop. The wedding season in Europe is rather short when compared to Singapore and the rest of Asia. Most European couples prefer to have their special day in summer because of the weather. But I’ve also noticed that in the recent years people have started to have their wedding also around January and February. In the northern Europe those months have higher probability to have a proper white winter with snow and ice, earlier in November or December it could still be too warm.

My next wedding shoot in Singapore will be a smaller party with less than hundred guests. Actually I prefer to shoot these more intimate weddings. The wedding couple have more time to interact with their guests and generally there is more “feeling”. And of course intimacy and feeling translates into beautiful images that tell the story better.

Hiring a magician?

Some people who are in the process of hiring a photographer are actually looking for a magician. Yes, photographers can do some pretty magical things every once in a while, but there is a limit to things one can reasonably accomplish with camera and editing. I recently heard a story about a couple who were not happy with their portraits because of their awkward expressions. The reason was that the bride had asked the groom to do a number of things on his own in the morning. For some reason the groom thought it was more important to hang around with his friends and forgot to do any of those things. The bride found out about this and obviously she was not very pleased. She held a grudge towards the groom all day, and it could be seen in the portraits. They were not comfortable and relaxed at that moment.

In this kind of situation there is only so much what the photographer can do. I encourage my clients always to make sure that nothing gets lost, missed, or not done on the actual day. You really have to make an Excel sheet of every little thing that needs to be done. Then on the next column you have place to write the name of the person who is supposed to do it. And on the third column you have a checkbox if the task is done. You might want to link this into the general schedule of the day. For example you need to go get the flowers before having them in beautiful vases at the venue.

Make use of Bridesmaids and bestmen

Most wedding couples have at least one bridesmaid and bestman. If they have agreed to take the role, it comes with certain responsibilities. My advice for the bride and groom is to make use of the people around them during the day, and even before with the preparations. Parents and even grandparents are also usually more than happy to take care of small tasks. When you delegate some of the tasks to other people, it will free your brain to worry about other things.

bride dancing without her heels

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  1. I love Singapore. Especially the one hotel with an overlooking infinity pool..

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