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For most people the wedding day is a unique event in their lives. First of all, it is not easy to find that special someone who you want to marry, but the actual day wedding preparations are a big thing to take on as well. It might sound a bit crazy, but i would recommend to start your wedding planning at least one year ahead of time. The reason why you need to be so early, is that venues, churches, hotels, photographers, bands, officiants etc. start to fill up their calendars in advance. So do yourself a favour and book the important things well in advance. It helps to keep you smiling like this couple 🙂

bride and groom laughing with balloons

The actual day is of course the most important thing, but to make everything happen according to plans, you need either to hire a professional wedding planner, or if you are doing it yourself, make a very good plan on what to do and when to do. My advice is to make a long and comprehensive list about everything that comes to mind related to your wedding. Then you take the list and distribute the tasks along the whole year. As i said, some tasks need to be taken care of in advance, some can be left to the last week before the wedding. So early planning is your friend.

Then some tips for the “after” part of the wedding. Some people go on their honeymoon right away, but they’ll eventually come back and then its time to give thanks and say sorry. Saying thanks to everyone involved is kind of obvious, but saying sorry is important as well. Because the wedding is such a unique event in one’s life, it creates often a lot of stress and tension. It is natural, because it is something you have most likely never done before in your life. Stress just sometimes brings out an uglier side of your character. You might be a bit rude or make snappy remarks in the heat of the moment when things are not going according to the plan. Specially the ones who are closest to you might fall victim to these remarks. So look back and think carefully if you’ve been a bit of bridezilla or groomzilla and then say sorry to the people involved.

Other than that, keep calm, carry on and contact me for the actual day photography now.

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