Best time of the year for European pre-wedding shoot?

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For a lot of Singaporeans, the idea of different seasons in Europe might be very unfamiliar. Depending on the country, there might be even four seasons, each with its own kind of weather. I get this question every now about what would be the best time to visit Europe for wedding photography. First you have to ask yourself if you prefer summer or winter. Summertime is generally warm, but not hot and humid like in Singapore. Most weddings in Europe take place in summer because of the nice weather and this in turn has the effect that my calendar is usually quite full for the upcoming summer. But the good news is that while weddings take place on saturdays, the weekdays are available for pre-wedding shoots. Summer season is roughly from May till August. If you prefer to have winter wedding shoot, you need to head northern Europe sometime between November and March.

Planning your shoot and the weather

When it comes to weather, one really cant predict how it is going to be for the coming summer or winter. In my childhood I remember that the winters were always cold and filled with snow, just the way you would imagine it is. Maybe it is because of the global warming or maybe it is just natural changes in weather patterns, these days the winters can be quite erratic. The more south you go, the more random weather you will have. For example in Finland, some winters might not at snow at all in the southern part of the country and summers can get hot, even by Singaporean standards.

When it comes to planning your pre-wedding shoot, take into account that the weather plays a big role. It is not unusual to have a whole day or rain in summertime, so it might be a good idea to budget an extra day or two for your shoot. But the good thing about European summer is that generally it does not get too hot, so it is not an issue to shoot outside even when the sun is shining brightly.

Pre-Wedding shoot in Europe

If you are thinking to have something different for your pre-wedding shoot, I would recommend to get in touch with me as soon as possible. This coming 2013 summer season (May – August) I will be shooting actual day weddings in Europe, but I am available for pre-wedding shoots during the weekdays. I’ve written about this possibility on my blog already here and here. This would be a great opportunity for you in terms of savings as well as having a professional photographer who is familiar with the local surroundings. Send me a message and lets meet up over a nice cup of kopi or teh.

very bright colourful summer landscape

Summer landscape


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  1. Well I love a winter shoot. Though it’s probably so cold. haah


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