How to find the best wedding photographer?

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So you have decided to get married and hire a wedding photographer. It goes without saying that the actual wedding day is most likely one of the biggest projects that you have undertaken so far in your life. It is not only about what you want, but also about the wishes and traditions of each others families.

After all the planning you need to execute or find vendors to make your dreams come true. And then you realise that you need someone to capture the whole day for future years and decades to come. Yes, everyone is having a mobile with a camera and some guests probably bring their point and shoot along, but dont you think it would be a good idea to capture the images professionally since so much of effort have been put into the planning and preparation?

So you decide to hire an actual day photographer. You get some advice from friends and perhaps search on Google. But how to choose the one that is best for your wedding?

The issue is that each wedding is different and every photographer also has a different style. A famous or expensive wedding photographer does not mean that you two would be a good match. Of course you want everything to be perfect, but there is no way really to test the photographer, other than checking out their website and talking with them. Sometimes it might be the case that you think photography for your wedding is important, but your significant other dont see it that way. He or she might want to spend the budget rather on extra drinks or perhaps some cute wedding favours. Before rushing out to find the photographer, be clear on what you want, otherwise you lose time jumping from one proposal to another and lack the way to compare them.

Wedding photography is not a commodity

Hiring a wedding photographer is not the same as buying a bowl of noodles or a CD of your favourite artist. Photographers have different styles but not only that, their style might not be a good match for your wedding. You have to understand that photography is not a commodity but a service. Like with most things in life, there is no cookie-cutter recipe to succeed every time. But i can share some ideas that might be helpful when figuring out the best photographer for your wedding. First of all, you have have to be clear and decide what you actually want. Talk with your partner also about his or her wishes. Then you also might want to consider what your families are expecting. But remember that families are often thinking photography like how it used to be in their times and it’s probably something very different from the photography that is available these days.

Then i would suggest you to do some research online. Google is your best help with this. Go through photographer websites and make notes about the sites you like the most. Pay attention to the general look and feel. Once you have 5-10 sites selected, you can go through them in more detail. Beautiful pictures is one thing, but read the about page and blog if they have one. The blog is the most important way to get to know your photographer before meeting. You can learn a great deal from the writing, the choice of words and if they are providing value for the reader. This tells the photographer is customer service oriented and is probably the kind of person that is easy to work with.

Finding the best match

At the end of the day, you need to “click” with the photographer. If you dont have good feeling mutually, it is impossible to create beautiful images and it will create unnecessary stress for the actual wedding day. When you have found the photography whose images and style of conversation you like, then i would suggest to schedule a meeting. Email or call and set up a meeting in some neutral place, like a cool cafe somewhere in the city. If you are happy with the meeting and you feel comfortable with the person, then you have found the best photographer for your wedding. It’s not rocket science, but it takes a bit of time and effort.

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Have you booked your wedding photographer already? Please do so now.

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