Bridal Open House March 9th, Riverview Hotel

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The beginning of the year is always the time for wedding fairs and other bridal events. I was attending as an exhibitor the Riverview bridal open house in January this year, and now i’ve been invited to showcase my work again in March. It was my first event in Singapore and I was not really sure what to expect. To my delight, it was very nice and relaxed event with some very nice people. I’ve been a few times to some big and very commercial events, and honestly I dont like the atmosphere in those. There is generally too much of the “hard selling” and competition. They are usually not that good for vendors nor the visitors.

The Riverview Bridal Open house is different, because they actually invite the exhibitors to the event and can keep a good variety with the vendors. In January my table was next to a lady who has a business of importing roses from South-Africa that last a few months looking pretty much perfect. I dont know what kind of evil magic is involved, but the roses were real as far as i could tell. It was a good mix as our services complimented each other nicely.

Actual day photography

I am a big believer in delivering quality to my clients and personal customer service. Keeping those things in mind, I will have my table simple like last time and focus on talking with my clients face to face. After all, wedding photography is not a commodity that you will just buy from the cheapest shop. Actual day photography is a professional service and it has to be a good match with your personalities as well as the style of the wedding.

Weddings in 2014

I’m guessing that most of the people attending are planning their wedding for 2014. I know the year 2014 sounds really far away, but believe me, one year for wedding planning is not a really long time. Most venues you have to book early on, and the same goes for photography. I still have a few slots left for 2013 and i’m taking bookings now for 2014, so please contact me as soon as possible, if you want to have your wedding photographed in a beautiful and professional fashion. In case you are also interested about pre-wedding shoot, i have written another post here that might interest wedding couples who want something different.

The Riverview bridal open house will be held March 9th and admission will be free for the first 50 couples. There will be welcoming cocktails for the couples, bridal gown fashion show and a live band performance. Naturally the couples are free to have a chat with any of the vendors and make use of their expertise. The event runs from 2pm till 6pm and registration can be done directly at the Riverview Hotel website.

bridal couple kissing in hiding

a hidden kiss

If you are looking for a photographer for your actual day, or want to have some pre-wedding portraits, please contact me.

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