Chinese wedding at Park Royal hotel

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Last weekend was a bit crazy as I got a very last minute Chinese actual day wedding shoot. Generally people are booking the photographer about a year in advance, but this one came through some friends only couple of weeks in advance. I was told that the bride and her side of family did not speak much of english, but honestly i’m not really worried about such things. My shooting style does not require much of spoken communication anyway, I prefer not to give a lot of instructions on what to do and how to pose. I like natural and candid shots and generally so do my clients. There was also another photographer on board so I could take it more easy and focus on my thing while he was busy with the family formals and other “must have” shots. I think together we provided excellent coverage for the wedding couple.

Chinese wedding traditions

Depending on the family background, most Chinese weddings start rather early. We agreed that I’ll be at the bride’s house 5am along with the makeup-artist and the other photographer. Luckily the house was very close to my place, so it was just a nice 10 minute cab ride from door to door. One of the reasons why the Chinese weddings start so early, is that when the wedding entourage is going from bride’s house to groom’s house, it would be very bad luck to come across funeral entourage. As most funerals take place in the morning hours, the morning part of the wedding day have to take place before that. Then the day would proceed with the solemnization and wedding luncheon or dinner later on at Park Royal hotel. Typically there is a good long break before the guests arrive, something that is quite different from European weddings in general.

Photojournalistic style

While my wedding photography is called documentary style in Europe, here in Singapore most people would rather use the word “photojournalistic”. Different terms, but the style is the same. When I am shooting a wedding in photojournalistic way, I try to capture the moments as they happen. Specially at weddings, there are no 2nd or 3rd takes to make the shot right, so one needs to be very quick and also have a good idea on how things might unfold at any given moment. If you realize you are in the wrong spot when something important happens, the chances are that you are going to miss the shot. Experience is one the things why you hire a professional as your wedding day photographer.

Here is a quick shot from the hotel and I will post the full story later on after the editing is done.

View from Park Royal hotel

View from Park Royal @ Beach road

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  1. Wow. what a lovely view. The greenery made the buildings look even more breathtaking.

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