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The year 2013 is still in very early stages, but my wedding calendar is filling up nicely. I dont follow the horoscope / zodiac things too seriously, but someone mentioned to me that the year of the snake should be good for horses too. So far so good, at least when it comes to wedding shoots.

Singaporean wedding

I just recently met with this very cool Singaporean couple who decided to book me as their actual day photographer. Their wedding is towards the end of the year, which is very convenient for since i’m shooting weddings in Europe for the summer season. Funny thing, I initially thought this would be a mixed marriage as the name of the groom was a typical German name. But turns out that he is all Singaporean, born and bred here locally.

As usual, i’ll be following the bride and groom from the early morning till late night. The plan is that we will start with the hair and makeup in Jurong and then later on make our way to the church ceremony and Pan Pacific hotel after that. This will be fairly intimate wedding, with a smaller number of guests. My experience is that the smaller the wedding, the better the party 🙂

The couple mentioned they had just found my site online with a number of other photographers. After going through all the websites, they found my images compelling and decided to get in touch. The groom has working experience with one of the top advertising agencies, and it was very heart-warming to hear that he liked my wedding photography.

Consistency in wedding images

Of course with wedding photography one needs to deliver beautiful images, but that is a given and expected. My client mentioned this word which is not often heard when it comes to photography. The word is “consistency”. It is one thing to have selected nice images in your portfolio, but when it comes down to shoot actual day, consistency is the key. The photographer needs to perform throughout the day and deliver beautiful images. I have background with commercial and corporate photography as well, and consistency is key in that world. All this experience helps with wedding photography as well.

Church ceiling - Singapore wedding ceremony

Beautiful church ceiling

You can see more wedding stories at the gallery, or if you already know your wedding date, please contact me as soon as possible for booking.

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  1. That church ceiling looks so Victorian. Classy!


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