Documentary style summer wedding – Elina & Janne

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I got the email from Janne while back about their wedding they were going to have in Lahti, Finland. It was a bit unusual because usually it is the bride that contacts me, not the groom. It turned out that Janne’s future wife Elina is from Russia, and while her Finnish is pretty good, she let Janne do the emailing.

We went through a couple of emails and then decided we should have a Skype call to discuss more about the wedding. And it’s always nice to see people “face to face” even if it was via Skype. The meeting was good, even if it was a bit funny hours for me in Singapore, as there was 6 hours of time zone difference.

Fast forward to june. As Finland is geographically quite big country, we agreed to have our second meeting halfway in a small city called Hämeenlinna. I searched for a nice cafe where we could have a talk and discuss all the details related to the actual wedding day.
I’ve been doing wedding photography for quite a while now, and have got very familiar with the traditional ceremonies etc. but this one was different as there was supposed to be a mix of the russian wedding games and traditions as well. We got along very good right from the start and had a long meeting, talking about everything else too. I like this, because i feel it contributes to the photography when i know more about my clients.

tools of the trade, makeup items

Here is a palette of make up artist’s tools. This is something like a standard shot for me, most makeup places have something similar and i like the different colors and jars. And also details like these really tell the story in a documentary fashion that i’m known for.

bridesmaid and mom helping bride with her dress

The time really went way too fast at the hair salon + makeup and the dressing part has to be super rushed. Generally i am very quiet and working behind the scenes on a wedding day, but when i feel there is stress on the timetable, i make sure i stay even more at the background. When you are stressed on your wedding day, the last thing you want is a photographer giving too many ideas on what to do and where to go.

beautiful full body shot of the bride in her amazing dress

Messilän kartano, wedding venue, Lahti, Finland

Majority of the people in Finland have their wedding in summertime, and i can understand why. Summers are generally not too hot, so people can walk around the wedding venue, enjoy the midnight sun and party till late night even outside. And if you have your wedding somewhere a bit more “countryside”, everything is more relaxed and easygoing than in the heart of a city.

the dance with bride & groom and the parents

After the first dance with bride and groom, it is tradition to dance with parents as well. Bride dancing with the father of the groom and vice versa. Usually the dance floor is open for everyone after this. A lot of people worry about the first dance thinking they are not so good with the moves, but i tell my client not to worry about such things. After all, it is their wedding, not a dance competition. Often times the most beautiful and intimate dance is when you forget everyone else, get really close with your partner and just sway with the music. And it makes some great wedding images as well.

the wedding rings in two different views

I take the time to shoot detail shots of the wedding rings before they are with the bride and groom. This would happen sometime during the morning, maybe when the bride and groom are getting dressed and readying themselves for the church and ceremony. I carry a special lens so that i can get really close up with the rings. Often times there are small details or carvings inside the ring as well.

beautiful shot of the couple kissing, black and white

This shot i captured late at night and the sun was already set, but in summertime in Finland is aften like this, very bright till 10-11pm.

If you want to see more of Elina & Janne’s wedding images and how the whole day unfolded, please click here.

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