How much I should invest into wedding photography?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it varies from person to person, but i can offer you some points to consider. Wedding is a unique experience for most people, it is not something that you do every once in a while. When i’ve been talking with my clients after their actual day, they always tell me that only then they realize how special the day was. When you take this into consideration, it would make sense to invest a bit more into photography than having disposable cameras or asking your friend / relatives to take a few shots. You have to consider your total budget and decide which portion you will spend into things / services that are only for the actual day, and which amount will be spent on photography, that is an investment on the coming years and decades.

Why choose documentary style photography over studio shots?

I think documentary style photography is the absolutely the best way to captures those emotions and feelings of the day. Over the years i’ve developed my own style to shoot, and i always aim to capture those real moments with minimum of distraction. In contrast, studio photography is pretty much limited to the studio surroundings, backgrounds and props are set up there in advance. Most studios prefer to have a high volume of shoots, which in turn means that the images will look quite similar from couple to couple. No studio is going to start building their set from scratch to every client.

Why should i hire a professional photographer?

My clients appreciate beautiful images, but on top of that, they like to have the peace of mind from working with a professional. After all, you trust on professionals with many other aspects of your wedding, and photography should be one of the most important things. Those images will follow you for the rest of your life. Professional photographer can deliver images when the amateur can not, and it all boils down to having a vision and experience.

What is your style of shooting?

I’ve specialised in documentary style wedding photography which is also known as photojournalistic style. The idea is that i’m capturing the real moments and feelings without interfering to the happenings. In my opinion the bride and groom should enjoy their wedding day, and forget the photography. At the end of the day, i want to surprise my clients with beautiful images and it works the best when you are very relaxed and enjoying your party. Also the guests usually appreciate that i’m not asking them to pose awkwardly and interrupting what they are doing. That being said, i do take pictures of the guests too, but in my own way.

How many images will you give us?

Because of my shooting style, i will make a lot of images during the day. Usually there are moments that happen so fast, that it is impossible to just wait for the right moment. In such situations i would then take a series of images and select the best ones. All in all, quality of the images is much more important that quantity. I usually provide around five hundred images from a full day of shooting. I do basic editing for all of the images and deliver them on DVD discs.

Do you shoot alone or with an assistant?

I’m very used to shooting alone, and dont need anyone to carry my bags. Assisting should be a good learning experience, and i dont think it helps anyone if assistants are doing simple tasks like that. I also dont use “associate” photographers, but shoot is always done personally by me. That of course limits the number of shoots i can do, but my clients appreciate that they are getting the service they paid for. If there is a need for 2nd shooter, i have a good network of photographers who i can trust.

How many hours you are shooting for the actual day?

When i talk about full day documentary style shooting, it actually means the full day. So, i will start early in the morning with your preparations (hair/makeup/gatecrashing etc.) and then continue till late night. I’m always having a meeting with my clients so we can discuss about all the important details and decide on a timetable. Generally most weddings end before midnight, so that would be the latest time when i start packing my bags.

Do you retouch the images?

I do basic editing for all the images i give to my clients. Basic retouching consists of correcting the color balance, brightness and contrast individually for every image. Also we choose a few images that i will retouch separately in very detailed fashion. My goal with retouching is to make everything look a bit better than reality, but still keep everything looking natural. Common retouching tasks would be cleaning up background, wrinkles in clothes, smoothing the skin etc.

When should i book you for our wedding day?

You should do the booking as soon as you know your wedding date. Naturally some days are more popular than others, so my advice is “the sooner the better”. But also it never hurts to ask for your date if you are late with your wedding preparations 🙂

Do you have some kind of contract for us?

Yes, i have a standard form that we will sign in two copies when we meet personally. I’ve tried to keep the contract easy to understand, so you dont need a lawyer for interpretation, but it has all the most important details about the service provided.

Will you give the images as files? Can we print the images ourselves?

Yes, you will receive the final images edited and retouched on a DVD. I will include the high resolution images for printing and smaller versions that are optimized for online use and email. I will also grant you a personal usage license, which means you can print the images, use them online etc. Commercial usage of the images is prohibited and no rights can be given away to a third party.

If you prefer, i can give you also a package quotation which includes the prints, canvases, albums of your choosing.

Can we post our wedding images to Facebook?

Yes, the personal usage license gives you the right to have images online in social media websites.

Can we request for certain shots or style?

If you want certain shots, perhaps a picture of some important guest or detail at your reception, i would love to hear about all of those in advance. We can have a talk about the style of shooting, but you should be familiar with my style before booking. Style is very personal thing and developed over the years, you can not change it dramatically for every shoot.

What time you will start shooting?

According to what we have agreed on. Usually that would be somewhere in the morning when you are getting your hair and makeup done etc.

Can we have some images in black and white?

Yes. I do all my shooting in color, and then in editing can turn some of them into black and white. This way you will get the best quality, and some images just look so much better in black and white.

What kind of camera are you using?

For more than 10 years i’ve been shooting with Nikon cameras, and probably could operate them with my eyes closed. I also carry a range of lenses and portable battery operated flash set, so i’m prepared to make beautiful images in any setting.

What kind of info you require for the shoot?

I will ask you all the important details when we are meeting, but for first contact it would be helpful to know your wedding date and venue. Any extra info is greatly appreciated of course.

We would love to book you for our wedding. How should we proceed?

After i’ve received your email, i will send you a detailed quotation. Then we can set up a time and place for a face-to-face meeting where we’ll discuss the actual day in detail. I usually have two meetings, one very well in advance, and the second 1-3 weeks before the actual day. After the meeting we will sign a contract about the photography and i will send you an invoice for booking the day. The payment is 30% of the total bill.

Our wedding is not held in Singapore, would you be available for travel?

Yes. I would be happy to shoot your wedding at any destination. I am quite familiar with the neighbouring countries and their cultures because of my extensive backpacking experience. And of course i’m very comfortable shooting in Europe too, if that is your destination. Just send me email and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible.