Gong Xi Fa Cai 2014

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Happy chinese new year Gong Xi Fa Cai or Gong Hey Fat Choi, depending on your language preference. I have to confess that my skills with Chinese dialects or Mandarin are seriously lacking. For some reason I seem to pick up Bahasa Melayu quite easily, but these chinese words just slip out of my mind. It might be because of the pronunciation. Then again my english is all messed up and I speak that with chinese grammar, just like you would with Singlish.

This year is a bit special because in the Chinese zodiac it is the tyear of the horse. If I have understood correctly, there are twelve characters or animals to represent each year. The system starts over every twelve years. So the year 2014 is supposed to be good for me as I’m born in the year of the horse. So far the start has been pretty quiet, but I am sure it is just that Singaporeans are recovering slowly from the endless nights of mahjong and pineapple tarts.

I’m hoping that this year will bring lots of new clients, cool weddings in Singapore and abroad. The past year has been certainly interesting with wedding shoots taking place in five star hotel, Balinese garden and everywhere in between. Geographically Singapore is very very small place, but I take it as a challenge and try to find always some cool new locations. And of course being an “ang moh” helps, as I see the usual places from a different angle.

I did not find any horse picture from my picture archives, so this is me being and “old horse” who is about to jump. Or something. Best of luck to you, me and everyone in the year of the horse 2014.

barefoot running

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