Helsinki Winter Wedding

Everyone loves a beautiful wedding story and this was truly one of those to remember. I had actually met Kalle some years earlier with work related stuff and was very happy to hear when he asked me to be their wedding photographer. Honestly i was a bit surprised by the news, since i knew it had been a long distance relationship for some time already and those things are never too easy. But when people really want to be together, they will always find some way to make it a reality.

Kalle & Hannele wedding was held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I’m fortunate enough that i have the chance to shoot amazing weddings both in Finland and Singapore. As you might expect, the wedding traditions are quite different, but also the weather plays a big role in Finland. This wedding was held in february, which means snow, ice, temperatures below zero and very little natural light during the day. When the conditions are so challenging, it all boils down to experience if the photographer can capture all the moments as they happen. That is why i encourage everyone to hire a professional photographer for their big day.

The church, hotel and wedding venue were all located next to each other, so that made my work a bit easier. We started quite early in the morning, when i went to the hairdresser / makeup with Hannele. The hairdresser was very near, so close that i decided to walk. I am quite particular about the wedding day logistics, because everything takes a little longer than usual. The wedding day is very precious, so i want to maximize the shooting time by planning all the transfers well in advance. Often times it does not make sense to go around with your own car, since parking in the city takes too long and might not able to find a spot always.

We had pretty good timetable for the wedding, but there was an issue with the tables at the venue. We really had to ask ourselves if we want to go out to take the wedding photographs in the place we had planned or take it easier and go direct to church. In the end we decided to go for the shoot and rushed to the location, shot some 15 minutes and then driving back to church in a crazy fashion. We managed to reach just in time, i think there was some 5 minutes left before the ceremony started. But five minutes was enough and everything went fine with the ceremony.

As always, everything becomes thousand times more relaxed after the ceremony and the stressful moments of the morning were long forgotten once we reached the venue. The night was full of great food, fun games and dance till midnight. Amazing couple and an amazing wedding 🙂

Pink decorational bow

Cute wedding decorations on each of the round tables.

Pink shoes by designer Minna Parikka

Color coordinated Minna Parikka shoes for the bride. Other set of heels is for the church and photoshoot, the others for the party afterwards.

Diamond wedding ring

Macro closeup of a beautiful wedding ring.

Bride and groom kissing

This shot is very special, because we went for the actual location where the couple had met the very first time.

Groom having his bowtie adjusted

At times it can get a bit overwhelming with all the preparations and then its good to have a pair of helping hands. Or two pairs.

Groom having shoe with a heart

A bit risky move by the groom. If you make a mistake by standing on the wrong side, the heart arrow points either to the bridesmaid or best man 🙂 But this worked out just fine.

small fireworks decorations

Throwing rice does not really look much in wintertime, but these hand held sparkling decorations are the perfect alternative.

Delicious looking chocolate cake

This has been one of the most delicious cakes i’ve tasted. A kind of “death-by-chocolate” cake with beautiful details.

wedding guests having dinner

I went up at the venue to get a nice shot from above. This was later on during the party so some of the guests were having a cigarette etc.

bride and groom listening a speech

Great speeches are often heard at weddings. You dont have to be a professional to deliver a short speech that touches the hearts.

wedding group photo with bridesmaid and bestman

Most people want some kind of group shots, but they dont always have to be so boring and posed. At least if you are young at heart 🙂

couple having their first dance together

The 2nd set of Minna Parikka shoes seen at the dancefloor.

bride looks her husband while dancing

As a wedding photographer, i’m always paying attention to those small moments when the couple is looking into each others eyes.

bride and groom kissing at night

I “stole” the couple for 5 mins more before they left the party for this shot. It was cold, snowing and dark, but i think it was worth it.