How to decide who to invite?

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So you have decided to get married and are in the point of going through all friends, relatives and family for invitations. Naturally you would invite and include all your immediate family to your wedding, but it becomes a lot trickier the minute you start considering your relatives. One “easy” option is to include everyone, but this decision puts the pressure on the venue, catering and the entertainment. It is totally possible, just understand that it will be a big wedding and very little time to spend with your guests. Also you need to have a budget to match.

If you decide not to include everyone, then it becomes a bit trickier. You might feel bad if you invite x but not y. Then next up you’ll probably start wondering if the relatives are gossiping about who got the invite and who didn’t. Moreover it will be the relatives of two families and sometimes people are not so close with their relatives, and other times they are really really close. it’s a tough call, but at the end of the day, you have to understand that it is your wedding. You get to choose who to invite and who you want to spend the day with. This might sound bitchy, but that is the only way really how you can have the kind of wedding you want to have. There is no way to please everyone, so you have to start somewhere. Also if the church/venue/hotel etc. has maximum capacity and you really want that place, then that is the frame you have to work with.

When it comes to inviting friends, that is not so critical. Of course you would invite the closest friends, but no need to invite all your “facebook friends” etc. And generally younger people understand that wedding planning is not easy, and everyone have to make choices. My general advice to all my wedding clients is to create a day that makes you happy. If you are comfortable, it spreads like a virus and sooner or later everyone at your wedding is on a good mood. And ultimately, this also translates into beautiful wedding photography.

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