How to stay relaxed on the wedding day?

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Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience for most people. There are so many small details and big things to take care of that it is virtually impossible to keep track of everything. On top of all that, people generally dont have so much experience about weddings. It is one thing to be a guest at a wedding, but another to be the bride and groom. Of course some people make use of all the wedding planner services around there, but i would say that is a luxury not everyone can afford to have. And even with a planner, you still need to have some ideas on how you want your wedding day to be.

So what can bride and groom do to make their wedding day go as smoothly as possible?

First thing is to start planning well in advance. Nothing beats a good plan, and any plan is better than no plan. If nothing else, you can always make adjustments to the plan, but if you got nothing, than you have to pull everything out of thin air as you go.

A good idea is also to make a list of everything that needs to be done. You could use Google Docs spreadsheet function and have 3 columns on it. First column describes the task, second column has the name of the person who is taking care of it, and the third would have a checkbox if the task is actually done. Believe me, anything that is not on the checklist will not get done 🙂

Another good idea is to have all your tasks spread out on a timeline. Depending on your venue, you might have to do your booking well in advance, possibly a year or more. Once you know your date and venue, it is easier to have all the other tasks scheduled. The invitations have to be sent in advance, book the actual day photographer, maybe a DJ for the night, flowers, decorations etc. Have everything set on the timeline and spread out the tasks evenly in order to avoid the last minute panic.

And lastly, please make use of your groomsmen and bridesmaids. If they have agreed to take on the role, they understand that there will be some small or bigger tasks for them to do on the actual day and even before.

All in all, it makes sense to plan early, plan good and use a team of professionals to take care of things that truly matter for you.

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