Military Wedding – Anna & Mikko

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This might sound a weird, but the reason why i dont have pictures of the bride and groom in this post is that Mikko (not his real name) works with the military. I dont know all the details but I do understand that some jobs come with security issues and this is one of those cases. It is not exactly the first time with something similar, but more commonly the case is that the bride or groom are well known public figures and would not want their wedding photos to be seen by the general public.

russian icons and wall clock

almost noon

Having said all that, i’m still able to share some detail shots from Anna & Mikko’s countryside wedding. Before the actual wedding day, we did a small portrait shoot, something that is often called engagement photoshoot. I call this “Together” -shoot as I like the word better. The idea is that we decide on a good location, maybe bring a few props and do a cool styled photoshoot. I keep posing to an absolute minimum, but rather have small tasks and tricks for the couple to perform. The tasks create some action which turns into emotion and thats what I want to shoot, real feelings and moments. It might be as simple as rubbing your noses together 🙂

bride texting with an old Nokia phone

Ancient Nokia mobile

I was surprised that Anna & Mikko had used the “Together” photos to decorate the wedding venue. I think they looked super cool in the countryside surroundings, and lot of the wedding guests were oooh and aaah-ing over the photographs. This is something i might consider doing for my future wedding clients as well 🙂

engagement photos hanging on venue wall

engagement photos

The wedding day started as they usually do, this time at the hair salon Teija. I was there early and it was fun to realise that i had been that salon years before. Good thing I had, because the salon was kind of hard to find, behind a building and basement floor. Makeup was also done by a professional and after that we continued to Anna and Mikko’s home that was just a two minute drive away. That is one thing what I like about small places, the parking is never an issue, as opposed to busy city centers.

groom putting a bowtie on

groom’s bowtie

The couple both got dressed in separate rooms as I wanted to do a first-look shoot with them. The idea with the first-look is that the couple see each other fully prepared for the first time on the wedding day. It is a short private moment that i want to capture from a bit further away.

guests arriving to the church

guests arriving at the church

After the shoot we continued for the church ceremony. As this was a military wedding, there was quite a bit of extra to the ceremony. The ceremony starts with the soldiers marching down the aisle and getting into position to the ends of the first few rows. Soldiers stand throughout the whole ceremony. Another very important tradition is that the soldier form an alley and holding their swords high up in the air for the couple when they exit the church. This might be a Finnish thing, but when the bride passes the last soldier, he is supposed to give a gentle slap to her bum with the sword 🙂 The reason why I have couple of meetings with my clients is that I would know about all these small details.

funny poster and bride posing with her bouquet

i married a monster

After the ceremony bride and groom arrived to the venue with their cute Ford Anglia car. The reception took place at Hevoskievari, which is well known for their horses. Of course all the decorations are related to stables, horses and countryside life in general. The menu was extensive and filled with all kinds of interesting items. I really appreciate when the chef comes out of the kitchen to tell the guest what is on offer. It is a small thing to do, but really adds value to the event and makes people even more hungry.

bride and groom arriving with their Ford Anglia

wedding couple arriving

After the dinner there were more speeches, games and some ceremonies related to military traditions. One of the most impressive is cutting the cake with the sword. Before cutting though, the soldiers need to burn away the sins of the groom. This happens by having some flammable liquid on the sword and lighting it on fire. The longer the flame burns, the more there are sins that needs to be burned away. I had a good feeling with Anna & Mikko and was really happy to see how much of effort they had put on all the wedding details.

old style microphone on stage

old style microphone

Click here to see the rest of Anna and Mikko’s actual wedding day photographs.

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