Mountain climbing and couple portraits

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This would be the first post for the year 2014, so happy new year and gong xi fa cai still up and coming. I spent the holiday season mostly abroad in Malaysia enjoying the hospitality and great foods. The change of the year was rather special because we climbed Mount Kinabalu on the 31st. I have never done any proper hiking, so the experience was really interesting for me. A lot of people suggested me not to bring so much of camera gear for the climb, but I promised I won’t be complaining about the heavy bags nor ask anyone to carry them for me 🙂

climbing Mount Kinabalu

We climbed to the summit a lot faster than expected, so we actually ended up waiting for the sunrise. The temperature is cold but not below zero. The strong winds make you feel like “brain freeze” though and there is very little shelter at the summit. After all the effort, I can honestly say the climb is worth it, even with the inflated prices for foreigners.

Low's Peak, Mount Kinabalu

It is really true what they say about Mount Kinabalu that going up is actually easier than coming down. Of course it is slippery all the way, but after reaching the summit you will be exhausted and the way down becomes like a dangerous game of trying to find a good foothold. One wrong step could have really bad consequences such as twisting your ankle or falling on sharp rocks. Luckily everything went fine and I still had the power to catch the fireworks in Kota Kinabalu.

climbing down the Mount Kinabalu

Originally my intention was to finish the couple portrait editing before xmas, but unfortunately I ran out of time and had to complete the project after coming back. The actual shoot took place in Pulau Ubin just northeast of Singapore. It costs 2.50 for the 15 minute boat ride to the island. It is surprisingly big area and we decided to rent bicycles so that we could cover a few different locations. I dont really know what could be the reason, but the local mosquitos did not care for my blood at all. Unfortunately the same mozzies found my lovely couple irresistible and they were basically eaten alive. I can imagine it’s not fun posing still when something is sucking your blood and you know it will be itchy for a long time after.

couple portrait in the jungle

Despite the evil mosquitos, we managed to cover quite a few locations and create many nice portraits. I dont have the final images done yet, but decided I will include a few previews here for you to see.

couple portrait in Pulau Ubin

couple caught kissing

These images were part of the couple portrait shoot competition I had on my Facebook page while ago. I would say the competition was a success and I enjoyed the shoot at Pulau Ubin. Probably in the near future I will launch another similar contest, so remember to “like” my page.

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