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As most of my readers and clients already know, I’m working internationally; mainly in Singapore as well as in Europe. Currently I am in my native Finland to shoot weddings during the summer season. Finland has four distinctive seasons and about 80% of the people want to have their wedding held during those few months that are considered summer. Despite being born in Finland and lived most of my life here, it was still a bit surprising how cold the +20 celsius felt after living in Finland. But I am not complaining, because it is kind of refreshing after spending so much time under a fan and air-conditioned rooms.


My shooting calendar has still some slots open for June, July and August. Most weekends are booked already, but I’m definitely available for pre-wedding shoots during the week. Finland is strategically in northern part of Europe and enjoys good connections to most European cities. Naturally if you are keen to have your shoot in Finland, I will be your guide and take you to locations most tourists would never know about. I can guarantee that the locations and scenery is very different from Singapore and it is actually comfortable to shoot outdoors for long periods because of the cool weather. Dont worry, you wont be frozen and there are no polar bears to bite you 🙂


Actual day wedding photography is quite a bit different kind of affair in Finland, if you are comparing for example to a traditional Chinese, Indian or Malay wedding in Singapore. Generally the day starts early as well and most often I’m with the bride at the hair or makeup salon. The day progresses into ceremony and wedding dinner then later. As you might guess, there wont be any tea ceremony or temple visiting, but there will be plenty of games and other events after everyone gets to the venue. One of the reasons why people prefer to have summer weddings is the fact that you can have your reception held outdoors. Of course this is possible in Singapore as well, but there are not so many venues to choose from and all of them tend to be rather expensive.


While I will be in Europe for a few months, please do not forget that you need to book a professional well in advance. So if you are planning your wedding late 2013 or 2014, please contact me as soon as possible. Some dates for early 2014 are already booked in Singapore, so better be fast than sorry 🙂

Kaleva church, Tampere, Finland

Kaleva church, Tampere, Finland


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  1. That church looks beautiful…. and creepy..

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