Why wedding photography is so expensive?

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If you are planning to get married and are in the middle of all the preparations, I’m sure you have been wondering why wedding photography is so expensive. And if you have been doing a bit of research, you have noticed that some photographers charge more than others. Actually some might even be very cheap while others would charge a few thousand dollars.

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Buying a service or a product?

Usually people are not getting married many times in their lives, and this creates a kind of a problem when it comes to purchasing and booking things to your wedding. If you are doing all of this the first time, you dont really have a “buying experience”, and it is very hard to compare different services and packages. This usually results in a situation where you are comparing vendors based only on the price. But you have to understand that photography is not really a product, but a service that might include products.

The situation would be  the same if you are thinking about food. You can walk down to the market and get a big portion of Indonesian curry rice for three dollars or you can go to Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant and spend sixty dollars for a dinner. How would you compare these two? After all, they both serve food that will satisfy your hunger, but can you say that Jamie’s is twenty times better? Maybe the food really is so much better, but I dont think you would eat there every day. You would spend the money on a special occasion, perhaps a birthday or maybe you got promoted at your work that calls for a celebration.

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The same goes for your wedding photography. You have to understand that it is a special occasion, and you would not want to go for the cheapest option available. Most of us are carrying at least one device capable of taking pictures, but if it really was that easy, then everyone would have beautiful wedding photographs. And unfortunately you dont have to dig very deep to find bad examples of wedding photography gone horribly wrong. The same goes for the food being served at a wedding; it is not enough just to have expensive pots and pans, but you need someone with experience and vision to do the cooking.

Then there is the question of cheap wedding photographers and I’ve written about that already before. A cheap photographer might be someone who is building a portfolio, or maybe it is just a side business. In both cases ask yourself if you can expect a professional service from someone who is not experienced?

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