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I’ve written about pre-wedding shoots before and while this is a trend in Asia, it is relatively unheard of in Europe. For some reason the idea has never caught up there, but funny enough, lot of Asians still want to do the shoot overseas. Specially Singaporean wedding couples are thinking this possibility, as the locations are rather limited here locally. Location for the shoot is one thing, but it is equally important to have a nice experience, specially when you are spending a significant amount of money overseas.

Affordable pre-wedding shoot in Europe

My wedding photography calendar for the year 2013 is filling up nicely, but there are still slots available for couples who are interested in booking a professional. The interesting part might be, that having a European pre-wedding shoot is actually much more affordable than you might think.Typically one would need to fly in the photographer and sometimes even the makeup-artist and all this adds up to the total budget. The reason why I am saying this is affordable, is that I will be in Europe for the summer season shooting weddings anyway. Basically you would only need to get flight tickets for your significant other and you’re all set.

Shooting locations Finland & Estonia

I just recently discussed with a client and we are going to have their pre-wedding shoot in Finland and Estonia. These are both European union countries and use the same currency but are quite different in terms of culture and history. The capitals of these two countries are separated by a relatively small patch of sea, which takes only about 2.5 hours to cross with a ferry. I used to live two years in in the Finnish capital Helsinki, so I am quite familiar with the locations around there. And generally the central Helsinki is very compact as it is surrounded by sea from three sides. Most locations you can reach by walking or with a short tram ride. The Estonian capital Tallinn is a beautiful city, specially in summertime. Probably the main attraction there would be the medieval old town with some castle fortifications overlooking the city. The old town is filled with very picturesque small alleys and hidden corners. I cant wait to bring my clients here for the photoshoot.

panorama of the Old medieval town of Tallinn

Old medieval town of Tallinn


Raekoja Plats, central square in old Tallinn

Raekoja Plats


the white church of Helsinki

Helsinki white church


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