When you are planning your wedding, there will be a moment or two when you have to consider your budget as well.

Consider wedding photography as an investment. It is something you buy once in your life, but it preserves those moments of the actual wedding day for years and decades to come and continue to provide joy not only for you, but for your spouse and families as well.

The actual day photography packages that i offer are easy to understand, fair, transparent and these qualities extend to the pricing as well. I dont charge by the hour, because things in life, and certainly at weddings, do not run exactly according to pre-defined schedule. Nobody wants to have a photographer who packs his bags when “time is up” even if it is middle of the first dance or tea ceremony.

Typically the actual day wedding photography covers preparations of the morning, the wedding ceremony and the reception till late night. I want my clients to enjoy their wedding day and not to worry about photography.

Individual quotations will be provided upon request, packages start from S$2500 for full day coverage. Please contact me for details.