Pulau Ubin portrait shoot

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The couple portrait competition ended on friday 18th and I have personally gone through the entries. I was asking for the couples to post their favourite locations in Singapore for a portrait shoot. The response was very good and I’m very happy with the submissions. Before the competition ended, I had another post about the top locations. You can read that story here.


The lucky winner is Mizaki Xuan and her suggestion for portrait shoot is at Pulau Ubin. It is a small island located northeast from the mainland Singapore, roughly the size of 10km2. The island is also considered one of the last remaining places that have some wild animals and without modern urban developments. I really hope the place will stay like that, as it provides Singaporeans a good glimpse into the history. After all, it is not that long ago when Singapore was just a tiny fishing village, very much like Pulau Ubin. We have not planned the shoot in detail yet, but most likely will be doing it somewhere mid-November.


For portraits on location there is no requirement to rent wedding gowns or anything of that sort. We will make the shoot fun, casual and relaxed. I’m thinking that most likely we get to spend about two hours of shooting on the island, depending on the weather of course. We better be prepared for blazing hot sun as well as the occasional rain shower.


Pulau Ubin jungle flora


I’m hoping that I get the chance to have my winning couple somewhere in jungle like this. I can not say it is my trademark, but quite often I end up taking some “peeking” images through the plants and shrubbery 🙂

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