Renewal of vows and photography

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This post is about renewal of vows, but before we get to that, i’ll have a few words about my experiences with wedding guests. Most people get married at some point of their lives. Some of them marry even a few times. The lives and circumstances are unique and sometimes it happens that you did not have the budget to have your dream wedding at the time. This is a recurring theme i hear from wedding guests over and over again. The guests might say that they are so happy about the beautiful wedding they are in, but also mention that it was very different for them. Maybe they could not afford to have an amazing venue, dress or ring. Maybe they had to cut corners with decorations or photography. It is the photography that really bothers most of them, if they did not have the budget for that or or more often, chose to spend the budget on something else. I’ve written a few ideas on how to renew your vows in style.

Years and decades later nobody really remember what kind of dress the bride had or what kind of food was being served. People tend to remember the general feeling, if it was good or not and maybe a few highlights. Photographs are different because they capture the essence of the day, but also the small details. And they stay with you for those years and decades after the actual day.

Renewal of vows

Wedding is of course a unique event and you cant change it or do it again if something went wrong. But what you could do, is to renew your vows. There is no standard on when or how you would renew your vows, so you can do it pretty much any way you want to have it. Maybe it is a quiet ceremony with just the two of you and family, or you might have a grand celebration with friends and relatives. You could have your renewal one year after your actual wedding day, or 30 year later, it is totally up to you.

Renewing vows is not a legally binding ceremony, so feel free to customize the event so that it feels good for both of you. You might want to consider having the renewal in some location that is meaningful for you. And with the actual ceremony, you exchange the vows you said to each other at your wedding. You can also exchange rings, perhaps with some new engraving or added stones 🙂 And of course after the official part, you definitely should throw a proper party for everyone who is invited. Whatever you do, make it look like you, and dont forget to hire a professional photographer who will capture all those joyous moments for years to come.

Renewal of vows at the white church in Helsinki, Finland.

The white church in Helsinki, Finland

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