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When people talk about bridal photography, they often associate it with those formal photos taken in a studio with some random background. Unfortunately this is still the default with a lot of people when they are thinking about bridal photography or wedding portraits in general. I say unfortunately, because the pictures can be so much more than the standard studio shots. One of the reasons why studio photographs were so popular in the olden times, is that the environment was easy to control and the results were predictable. After all, if you dont change any settings in the studio, you are going to have more or less the similar kind of photographs. But a lot of my clients actually would like to have something personal and unique for their wedding photographs, not the awkward studio portraits and definitely not the snapshots taken by wedding guests.

Bridal photography on the actual wedding day

The bridal photography I offer is unique and personal. I meet up with my clients in advance and talk with them about their wishes and throw up some ideas that we could use for the photographs. I want to know about the venue, the games, the details in my clients dresses, really everything that makes their day unique. There is no cookie-cutter recipe for beautiful wedding photography and that is why i take the time to meet up with my clients for consultation.

Photography on the actual day is something that cannot be really planned too much in advance. The day goes fast and there are no chances for shooting something again. The photographer must understand what is going to happen and anticipate how any given situation is going to unfold. I always say that while a trained monkey can take a picture, it takes an experienced photographer to make an image.

Photojournalistic style

Some countries prefer the term “photojournalistic” and other speak of “documentary style”, yet they are both the same thing. I prefer to refer my photography as documentary style as it somehow captures the idea more accurately i think. When it comes to bridal wedding photography, i am not the kind of photographer that goes on to twist the arms and turning heads of his clients to achieve a pose. While some people might like these overly posed photographs, it is not my style. I prefer to have a nice atmosphere and mood mixed with some small tasks to create real action and feelings. Action creates drama which translates into emotion. That is my recipe for beautiful wedding photographs.

If you are planning to have your wedding day captured in a beautiful fashion, please contact me as soon as possible for free consultation.

bridal photography - bride and groom holding a bunch of balloons

Bridal photography with balloons

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