Singapore wedding photography

Having been about five years now in Singapore, I think it is time to reflect a bit of my experiences and perhaps to do a bit of comparison as well. When it comes to wedding photography, I’ve had some very interesting experiences and lovely clients. Singaporean weddings generally tend to be rather different from European weddings. Of course the cultural and religious differences are behind the differences. Honestly I have to say that I like the variety of ceremonies and traditions.

Little red dot  a.k.a. Singapore

Another thing what I really enjoy is the convenience of the actual shoots and meeting clients. As Singapore is geographically a tiny dot on the world map, it makes it easy to meet up with prospective clients. My clients in Finland and Europe might live hours away which makes transportation a big issue in terms of time and money. Often times couples who have a tight budget must choose someone that just happens to be closeby because of the travel costs involved. In Singapore I can easily set up a meeting on the other side of the country and all it takes is maximum of one hour in a train or even less if going by taxi.

Documentary style photography

Locally my photographic style might be referred as photojournalistic but I think internationally documentary style photography is more commonly used. As the site title says, my specialty lies in the actual day wedding photography. I try to be the silent photo ninja that just captures the important moments without drawing the attention to the photography. Of course during the day we might make some “official” group portraits, but generally the images would be non-posed. It might sound a bit weird at first if you are used to posing for pictures, but believe me, the images will be so much more meaningful and you get to enjoy your wedding day instead of forcing that smile over and over again.

But dont just take my word for any of this, click here to see some actual day photography in my wedding gallery.