Singaporean Wedding Rojak

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Singaporean Wedding Rojak

Weddings in Singapore come in all shapes and sizes. One might have a simple reception just down the HDB block or it could be extravagant reception at any of the high end hotels and venues scattered around Singapore. It is not only the venue that creates the variety, but one has to consider the religious and cultural traditions too that contribute to the mix. I quite like the singaporean wedding customs rojak because it is generally very different from the weddings i’ve covered in my native Finland.

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It seems that the grass is always more green on the other side of the fence, because when talking with Singaporean brides, many seem to dream of the typical white wedding in a church and reception near a lake or somewhere countryside. Different strokes for different folks, and me and my camera like the variety. I encourage all my clients to do little things that separate their wedding from the “cookie-cutter” type. Most venues provide some kind of package deal which is easy to purchase, but the downside is that your wedding day wont be as special as it should be. Moreover the guests wont remember it being any different from the other weddings they have attended.

Customizing your wedding day is not difficult or expensive, all it requires is a little time and imagination. If you are interested, i’m giving out a complimentary Wedding Ideas guide.

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