Summer Wedding – Tiina & Matti

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I usually ask from my wedding clients how they have met in the first place. The common story is that people were introduced by a friend or maybe in some house party etc. And every now and then i hear the offbeat story and this was the case with Tiina & Matti. I remember Matti mentioning me that they actually met just passing by each other on the high street. I dont know all the details, but i think the story is pretty awesome 🙂

wedding couple standing on a summer field

Tiina & Matti on a summer field

The wedding day photography started a bit unusually as i was not there to document the morning preparations. I havent kept statistics but i would say about 80% of the time i’m there to document everything that happens in the morning with the makeup, hair and last minute hassle. I arrived to Tiina’s family home in the countryside and started shooting right away. I let people do whatever they were doing and just quietly document everything thats going on.

bride preparing last minute things at her home

wedding preparations at brides family home

bridesmaid helping the bride to dress up

bridesmaid helping the bride with her dress

Intimate wedding ceremony

After dressing up we went up to the church that was some 10 minute drive away. I dont remember the age of the church exactly, but it was dating back a few hundred years. While being very old, it was also one of the smallest churches i’ve visited. When we get to the actual ceremony part, there was not even seats for everyone. But what the church lacked in space, it had in atmosphere. I liked the fact that the pastor, couple and the guests were really close to each other. There was no need for microphones or loudspeakers and everything was a little more intimate.

a cross on top of an old stone church

ancient stone church

black and white image of bride and groom walking out of the church

bride and groom after the ceremony

After the ceremony we drove back the Tiina’s family house for the reception. It was one of the most beautiful days on that summer and that kind of weather always puts a smile on people’s faces. There was a whole roast beef for the guest on the wedding buffet table, along with all kind of other delicacies.

salmon, crackers and pineapple slices

salmon and other delicacies on wedding buffet

I’ve seen and heard most of the traditional wedding games but some of them are funny, no matter how many times you experience it. I dont know the name of this one particular, but there is a pre-made story and the couple have to come up with adjectives that will be inserted into the story randomly. The results are always hilarious and guests laughing so hard that tears are rolling down their cheeks.

funny wedding game

fill in the blanks -wedding game

We did the “official” portraits before the ceremony in the day, but i wanted still another look and “stole” the couple from the party for some 15 minutes more. There was a beautiful sunset going on which i just had to capture into the images.


The beautiful wedding day ended with more music, dancing and a full moon on a summer night.

full moon at nighttime

full moon on a summer night

Click here to see the rest of Tiina & Matti’s actual wedding day photographs.

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