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I have to say that I am not really following the tradition of auspicious dates for a a wedding, but I have a feeling there might be some in August and September. The reason why I have this feeling is because I’m getting quite a few of wedding photography quotation requests for that time of the year.

While I am very happy to receive these requests, there is one thing missing way too often, and that is the actual wedding date. I do understand that booking vendors for a wedding day is not something what you do every day, but it would be very helpful to include at least the basic details into the email. Obviously this would not be a problem if you are calling me, but more often than not, the first contact comes via email. I’ve also noticed that some people end up my website when they are searching for cheap wedding photography, but I’m afraid I’m probably not the right match for that search. I think wedding photography is an investment and as the saying goes: “Pay peanuts and you get monkeys”.

The reason why I would like to know the actual date is very simple. Most of my clients plan their wedding very thoroughly, which means that the venues and vendors are booked 10-15 months before the actual day. There are only a handful of things that need to be booked so early, but actual day photography is one of those. It would save everyone’s time to know the date, as I can instantly check my calendar and see if I’m still available or already booked. There are always some dates, specially during the week, that might be still available even if you are booking late, so I encourage you to get in contact as soon as possible.

This year 2014 I will focus Singapore, Malaysia and the surrounding countries which means that I wont be going back to Europe for any wedding shoots. I’ve also made changes into my contact form page. You still can send me email directly as my address is listed on the page, but if you are using the form, you need to insert the actual date in order to send the message.

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