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I absolutely loved Alicia & Nhang's intimate garden wedding at the Blue Bali restaurant. Documentary style photography by yours truly. We had some twenty minutes for portraits on location. Luckily I had scouted the venue one day before because the couple was late to arrive but the guests were not. Click on the thumbnail to see more.

I ended up shooting Sandra & Orange's wedding early 2013 through some common friends. I think quite a few people were worried about my lack of skills when it comes to mandarin or dialects. Needless to say, I had no issues in communicating with the people and actually ended up taking Sandra's parents back to their hotel even we did not share any language.

When I got email from Eeva, she was still living in United States with her fiancee. Eeva & Cory were planning to have their wedding in Tampere, Finland. I was living in Tampere at that time and was naturally super happy to have an international wedding photoshoot in my hometown. Awesome couple and very funny wedding party, click the thumbnail to see more.

A few years back I got a short email from Eeva about wedding photography. She wrote to me that they were getting married in about six months time and were looking for a professional photographer to capture the events of the day. After a couple of emails it turned out that I had shot her good friends wedding earlier, so naturally Eeva was quite familiar of my style and person as well.

I've had quite a few international wedding shoots before Elina & Janne, but theirs was the first with a Russian bride. I already knew that it was going to be very interesting as Russian weddings tend to be very heavy with traditions and ceremonies. And of course everything had to be translated as well for the Finnish guests.

As you have probably noticed, I'm working internationally and good deal of my wedding shoots have taken place in Finland. I think Petra & Samu's wedding was one of the first that I booked while staying in Singapore. We had the first meeting via Skype and then later on face to face couple of weeks before the actual wedding day.

Most weddings take place on saturdays and of course the most popular days are booked well in advance. For some reason I had this one date what was not booked in the middle of the summer. I got lucky because Tiina & Matti was referred to me by a competitor who had that date already booked. Sometimes it pays to be in good terms with your competitors.

The reason why there are no recognizable faces in this gallery is that the groom holds a high position in the military and unfortunately i'm not able to reveal his identity. But what I can say is that the wedding was awesome. Click on the thumbnail to see some more.

I had the privilege to photograph the actual wedding day for Amanda & Hans in Singapore. We started from the bride's home very early morning and made our way to the beautiful church of St. Francis Assisi in Boon Lay. After the official ceremonies the reception was held at Pan Pacific hotel. Check out the images and see how I convinced them to do a funny Finnish wedding game.