Wedding at ParkRoyal hotel

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The earlier post was about Sandra’s and Orange’s wedding day, and specifically about the morning preparations. This post will be more about the things that happened after we had left the groom’s house and made our way to the ParkRoyal hotel. While we started really early, the day finished kind of early as well, because the reception was held at lunchtime. I’m very used to go on from early morning till midnight without a break, so this was relatively easy shoot for me.

view from hotel ParkRoyal Beach road, Singapore

The view from ParkRoyal hotel on Beach road. It is sometimes funny to think how small Singapore really is, obviously everyone would recognize the Sultan Mosque right in the middle of the image.

four beautiful women, sisters of the groom's mother

In this family there are actually nine sisters. What are the odds to have nine girls 🙂

wedding dresses arriving to hotel room and sisters updating their mobiles

bride wearing high heels with her cheongsam

bride waiting at the hotel room, wearing her cheongsam and holding the bouquet

The bride changed into a traditional cheongsam that could be seen already in the previous post. I find these dresses very beautiful with all the small details. And I believe you could wear this even after your wedding, so it is a bit more useful than the western type wedding dresses.

parents of the bride

We actually did not share a common language with the parents of the bride, but was not a problem at all. Anyway, I do very little of directing with my style of photography but rather stand back and let things unfold naturally. The uncle and auntie were very charming and easy to shoot.

the parkroyal hotel ballroom getting prepared for wedding luncheon

tables and decorations of the hotel ballroom

tables ready with variety of condiments

solemnization at the parkroyal hotel

signing the marriage certificate, solemnization

Solemnization would be more or less the equivalent of a church ceremony when compared to a western style wedding. While there is often a tea ceremony associated with the solemnization, it is also important from the point of law and legality of the marriage. Signing the marriage document is the fact that actually makes you a husband and wife in the face of law.

group photos taken after the solemnization

bride's flower bouquet

traditional tea set ready for the ceremony

This is quite typical set for the chinese tea ceremony. Red colour is a symbol for good luck and joy. In this set there are only four cups, so you need someone to help with the procedure. The cups are washed in hot water after each serving.

bride and groom in front of parents

bride receiving a gold bracelet

family portrait, bride and groom with the groom's parents

tea ceremony, brother offering tea for the groom and bride

wedding guests browsing through a photo album

It is fairly common to have a wedding album on show. This would be a pre-wedding shoot done often months before the actual day.

young boy with grandmother in a wheelchair

flower decorations and chopsticks

father of the bride wearing a traditional dress

I thought this traditional costume was very cool. Looks very comfortable as well.

brother of the groom wearing crosstie

This is called a crosstie, a mix between tie and bow tie. Very convenient as you don’t need to know anything about Windsor knots. Also this one does not make you look like a waiter 🙂

bride rushing down in a white dress

closeup of the bride's gown

wedding guests group photo

entrance by the groom's parents

The first entrance is led by the groom’s parents, then bride’s parents and finally the bride and groom.

small girls throwing flower petals before the bride and groom

cake cutting ceremony

The cake looks rather impressive, but it is not real. All Singaporeans would know this, but as I have readers and clients internationally, I thought it would be good to point out that this cake is made out of styrofoam. There is even a hole where you slide the knife in to give the impression of cutting.

piper champagne and glasses in the form of pyramid

The Piper-Heidsieck champagne is real though.

second entrance by the bride and groom

opening the bottle of champagne

pouring the champagne for the pyramid

couple drinking champagne together

bride and groom with their closest relatives and friends having a toast

wedding toast

groom making a short speech

assortment of the different dishes

The wedding luncheon had assorted cold cuts as starters and these prawns later on. Generally I would not be taking pictures of wedding guests while they are eating. People with food in their mouths are not really photogenic 🙂

bestman bringing some whiskey on a tray

groom having a laugh with his friends

After a few drinks the mood starts to loosen up already. Groom is sharing some funny stories with his friends. I like this kind of fun and real images the most. The moment is real and so are the smiles.

groom showing a victory sign

young girl taking a photo

Facing some tough competition at the wedding reception.

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