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If you would be looking Singapore from space, it would be a tiny dot just south of Malaysia. There are not too many city-states in the world, and I would guess that most Europeans or Americans would have a bit of difficulty placing singapore on the map. Despite being geographically small, Singapore is a regional giant in many other ways. One of the reasons why I consider Singapore my base now, is that most of my current and future clients are just a stone’s throw away. Literally I could just jump into the train and be in a face to face meeting with a client in an hour or so. This is in stark contrast when compared to my home country Finland, where I might have to turn clients down because of the distance and difficulty of travel. Often times it might not make sense to hire a professional from another region because of the travel costs. Being small is sometimes a good thing 🙂

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer, it might initially seem great that there is so much of choice in Singapore. Competition is generally a good thing in most businesses, but wedding photography is a bit different, as most people would be buying such a service only once in their lifetime. So obviously you would not have the experience of buying photography and this creates some specific issues. It would be a mistake to think wedding photography a product that you could buy just about anywhere. Products are generic and  bought from the place that is offering it the cheapest or most convenient.

I wrote about the “cheap, fast & good” -triangle earlier, and it really applies to photographic services. Good images rarely come cheap, and if they do, the service might be so bad that you would have rather paid a little bit more if you knew in advance. Of course everyone is entitled to do things their own way, but I would think that a wedding is the kind of event when you need to work with professionals.

As photography is not a controlled profession, you will encounter all kinds of people claiming to be photographers. It is true, that anyone can snap an image these days, but you have to look beyond the technical aspects and focus on the overall package and service. You would do good to steer clear of “weekend warriors” and “uncle-bobs”. Instead hire a working professional and you can be sure that things go smoothly.

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Actual Day Photography

If you are looking for a professional photographer for your actual wedding day, I recommend you to get in touch with me as soon as possible. Currently I’m taking reservations for the season 2014. You can contact me directly here.

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