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A lot of things are different when you are comparing European weddings to weddings that are held in Singapore. Of course that is natural as the histories of the two continents have travelled very different kind of paths. They say about travelling that it broadens your horizons, and I could not agree more. One of the big differences is that in Europe the concept of a pre-wedding shoot is not common at all. Some couples might want to get some images done in a cool location, but most people wants to have the “official” images shot on the actual day. This puts a bit of pressure for the photographer as well as the general timeline. When the bride and groom are planning their wedding day, they should allocate a good chunk of time for the portraits. Transportation also takes time and moving around in wedding clothes is trickier than in flip-flops and shorts 🙂

Intimate moment for the bride and groom

Intimate moment

With a little planning and preparation it is possible to create beautiful images on the actual wedding day. This image above was done at a music club just half a kilometer away from the church. I’ve shot in the place before, so the locations were quite familiar to me. We spent about 45 minutes shooting and creating different looks for the couple. The image shown here is one of my favourites and I shot it on a staircase leading somewhere upstairs. Previously I had a lighting kit with me, but decided this time to make use of the bright sunlight coming through the windows. The effect is quite dramatic, almost a silhouette of the couple.

If you would like to have your wedding day photographed professionally and in a beautiful way, please contact me as soon as possible.

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  1. Wow. That’s a beautiful shot of a couple in love.

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