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Every wedding is different of course, but there are also elements that are same or at least similar with most weddings. Roughly you could divide the day into two parts, the events happening in the morning and the afternoon events.

A typical chinese style wedding in Singapore would start around 4am-5am with the bride getting ready. Groom has to get dressed and ready as well, but as a wedding photographer, I would say that you can’t go really wrong if you follow the bride 🙂 And honestly speaking, there is more to photograph with the preparations of the bride. Of course the photographer could have a second shooter that covers the morning at groom’s side.

Please note this timeline provided just as an example and your timing might be very different, specially if your reception is held at dinnertime.

Morning events

  • 4am-5am Makeup & Hair
  • 6am Groom arrive to bride’s house
  • 6.30am Gate Crashing challenges
  • 7.00am Group photos
  • 7.30am Depart to groom’s house
  • 8.00am Tea ceremony
  • 9.00am Depart to hotel / venue
  • 10.00am Solemnization at the hotel / venue
  • 11.30am Arrival of wedding guests


Some general notes about the morning events. If you are following the Chinese customs, you would make sure that you would reach groom’s house before 9am. The funeral entourages might be on the road around that time, and it would be considered very bad luck if you come across one.

Afternoon events

The afternoon events are without a specific times as it really depends if you are having a wedding luncheon or dinner. Also if you have the venue booked for luncheon, they might have another reception starting at specific hour, so please take that into consideration. The sequence of events is more important than the exact timing.

  • 1st walk-in
  • Welcome speech
  • Cutting the cake
  • 2nd walk-in (around the 4th dish)
  • Toast
  • Speech by the groom
  • Table to table photography
  • Thank you

early morning sunrise on a wedding day

So there you have it, a simple timeline of the events of a wedding day. As I said earlier, your timeline might and actually should look different, but you can use this as a guideline and adjust accordingly.

Booking a photographer

Your actual wedding day is full of small and big moments that need to be capture by a professional photographer. Do not rely on eager friends or relatives for your wedding day photography, unless they have years of experience shooting weddings.

Please contact me for beautiful actual day wedding photography now.

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  1. I know a friend who didn’t manage to get some sleep in preparation for her big day.


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