What if it rains?

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Singapore, the weather and rain

You might know that Singapore lies just one degree north from the equator. This brings a tropical, hot and humid weather pretty much all year round. At the time of writing this, we are in the middle of Northeast monsoon season and that means there will be showers and thunderstorms daily. The humidity can reach 100% on a rainy day.

Outdoor venue

Most but not all weddings in Singapore are held indoors. There are not so many venues that cater for outdoor weddings, and it is generally too hot to stay outside in your wedding dress. If you are planning your wedding reception outdoors, you should be prepared for the afternoon showers. Talk with the people operating the venue, they probably have a good understanding how the inevitable rain will affect the wedding. They might have something as a backup location, or maybe there will be a tent to cover you and your guests if it rains. Tents are good and can be decorated to look beautiful, but you have to pay attention to the ground as well. If the tent is set up on a lawn and the rain is heavy, it wont take long before the ground is all muddy and your shoes ruined. Also remember that a tent should be secured to the ground very carefully or it might be blown away by a strong gust of wind. You should also provide umbrellas for people when they need to come and go out of the tent.

Indoor wedding

The rain really should not bother you at all if your reception is held indoors. It might be a good idea still to keep a few umbrellas handy for people to get into their cars or taxis. Often on a rainy day the clouds are kind of dark and heavy and it affects the general feeling of the wedding. You could try to offset this by turning more lights on indoors. And you must understand that weather is something that is out of your control , and that is why there is no point to get upset about rain. Moreover there is a some superstitious belief in Finland that rain on a wedding day brings you good luck for the marriage 🙂

When it comes to photography and bad weather, i would recommend hiring an experienced professional who is prepared for all kinds of weather.

small water droplets on a leaf after a rain

Water drops on a leaf

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