Actual Day Photography

I have provided professional wedding day photography for my clients since 2007 and right from the start my main offering has been actual day wedding photography. I do wedding portraits as well, but i truly enjoy capturing the full day of small and big moments. Most wedding days are packed with emotion and i believe that the bride and groom should enjoy the day and not to worry if their moments are captured professionally. My goal with Actual Day Photography is to tell a story of the wedding day, ideally in such a fashion that one could live the day again and again in years to come.

I see that the wedding day consists of three parts or acts of a play. Part one deals with the preparations that happen during the morning. These moments are usually a bit more relaxed but the pace will gain speed fast. The second act is the ceremony, whether it happens in the church, temple, home or somewhere else, it is always to highpoint of the day and the atmosphere and excitement in the air is so thick one could cut it with a knife at times. The third act is the party/banquet/reception whatever you want to call it. This is the time to meet everyone face to face, relax and enjoy the day. I believe that nobody should have a cookie-cutter wedding, but to customize their special day in a way it reflects the couples personalities.

Please contact me now if you think special day is worth to be captured by beautiful Actual Day Photography.